Search And Rescue

Search And Rescue

Specific Objectives

Introduce a citizen-centric crisis response framework, methodology and a Governance model for stronger coordination between local/national and EU activities

Improving the EU Knowledge base

Enhance Resource Availability

Suggest new protective clothing and advanced wearables for all first responders that protects against multiple hazards. All equipment will be hands-free, ergonomically optimised and can be integrated to the protective clothing.

Implementation of simulation tools to support education and training in incident management and response.

First responders Requirements and Governance model

Societal aspects of S&R.

Situation Awareness

Data aggregation, Analysis and Decision Support

Design and implementation of specialised equipment for first responders

S&R Component Design & Development

S&R Platform Design, Development and Service Integration

S&R Validation and Demonstration

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

Project Coordination and Quality Assurance

Ethics Requirements